**Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need a copy of any of my work (samuel.poirier.poulin @ gmail dot ca).

Journal Articles & Book Chapters

Forthcoming. “Publish in English, otherwise it’s game over”: On English linguistic monopoly in game studies. In A. Karabinus, C. A. Kocurek, C. Mejeur, & E. Vossen (Eds.), Historiographies of game studies: What it has been, what it could be. punctum books.

2022. “Mark Matthews stars in ‘Anatomy is Hard!’ A struggling student tries to make the grade with his professor”: Sexual humour and queer space in Coming out on top. In K. Bonello Rutter Giappone, T. Majkowski, & J. Švelch (Eds.), Video games and comedy (pp. 271–288). Palgrave Macmillan. [PDF]

2021. “Can you toss me that shirt behind you?” Beefcakes, ambiguous masculinities, and pornographic bodies in the video game Coming out on top. Synoptique: An Online Journal of Film and Moving Image Studies, 9(2), special issue “Porn and its uses,” 139–158.

2020. Memory, autofiction, and identity in video games: The case of Looking back. An interview with Kristopher Poulin-Thibault. Loading… The Journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association, 13(21), 77–90.

Book Reviews

2022. Adventure games: Playing the outsider. Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds, 14(3), 340–344.

2021. Urban horror: Neoliberal post-socialism and the limits of visibility. Cultural Sociology, 15(2), 311–312. [PDF]

2020. Game studies and decoloniality: A review of Video games and the Global South. Antares: Letras e Humanidades, 12(28), special issue “Critical game studies,” 366–370. [PDF]

2020. Watch me play: Twitch and the rise of game live streaming. New Media & Society, 22(8), 1505–1507. [PDF]

2019. “You ever have that feeling where you’re not sure if you’re awake or still dreaming?” A review of Woke gaming: Digital challenges to oppression and social injustice. First Person Scholar.

Before making the jump to game studies, I studied to become primatologist and published two journal articles in this field:

2020. The vocal repertoire of an African colobine, Colobus angolensis ruwenzorii: A multi-level society compared to congeners in stable groups. Behaviour, 157(7), 597–628. [first author; with the collaboration of J. A. Teichroeb]

2016. Les primates non humains sont-ils médecins ? Une analyse critique des études sur l’automédication et de ses mécanismes premiers [Are non-human primates doctors? A critical analysis of studies on self-medication and its earliest mechanisms]. Revue de primatologie, 7.

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